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How long does an Amazon Seller Account stay 'At Risk'?

How long does an Amazon Seller Account stay 'At Risk'?

Your Amazon account is important to your business. Not only is it a platform where you can sell your products, but it's also a source of  income. So, what happens when your account shows it is at risk? How long will it be at risk? Let's take a look.

First, it's important to understand that there is a new Amazon account health rating system. This is implemented on some accounts, but not all (at the time of writing).

If your account health dashboard shows a number for account health rating, you are on the new system.

Both systems show your account as 'At Risk' of a suspension when you receive too many policy violations, or you have an issue with a performance metric. The amount will remain at risk until:

A) You successfully appeal or resolve a violation and it is removed from your account health as a result

B) 180 Days pass since you receive the violation and it is automatically removed by Amazon

C) The violation remains, but over time your fulfilled orders contribute to improve your account health rating and the status improves to 'Good or Healthy'

In addition to improving, your account could also change to say 'Unhealthy' which means you may be suspended soon o you have already had your selling privileges removed.

This will happen if you receive more policy violations, you fail to address violations you have received, or your sales decrease significantly; or a combination of all three.

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