Amazon Suspension Support - Account Health Rating

For Suspended Sellers requiring help resolving policy violations

Unlimited Violations
Covers US & EU Accounts
Escalation Letter Included
Funds Appeal Included
Expert Support from Joshua

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Are you suspended on Amazon? Is Amazon requesting you resolve all account health policy compliance violations to get reinstated? This is the service for you!

$ 999.00 USD

Who is this for?

This service is for Amazon sellers with a suspended account that does not require a plan of action. If you are suspended and you do not have an appeal button at the top of your account health dashboard, this service is for you. Amazon will have asked you to resolve all outstanding Policy Violations in order to be considered for reinstatement. If that is the issue facing your account, then this is the right service for you. If you need a plan of action for your account and have a button to appeal, please check our other products.

This service is for sellers with any type of suspension in any country and covers all the support you should need to appeal your suspension.

What’s included in the package

Joshua will work with you to resolve all policy violations in your account health dashboard. We aim to address Amazon's questions and concerns and get your Amazon account reinstated.

  1. Unlimited Violartions - We will provide appeals to address Amazon's concerns and requests
  2. Covers US & EU - Provides support for 1 suspended account in any Amazon Marketplace
  3. Escalation Letter included - If normal appealing isn't successful, we will provide you an escalation letter included
  4. Funds appeal included - If Amazon is holding your funds, we will provide an appeal to have the money released
  5. Expert Support from Joshua - You'll not be handed off to a staff member, Joshua will personally handle your case

Terms & Conditions Apply. The service does not provide a guarantee of outcome or refund. Please read the terms of service for full details of what's included at checkout.